Killeen Civic Center

Special Events Center

This Special Events Center is a great fit many types of events and shows; including animal, crafts, and gun shows, barbecues, and children’s events. The Special Events Center is low on cost and high on space.

Amenities and Rental Information

  1. The Special Events Center is a 53,000 sq ft facility
  2. Two main bay entrances at opposite ends (North and South) and several auxiliary bay doors on the West side
  3. There are multiple patron entrances on the East side facing an ample size parking lot
  4. 428 parking spaces are directly in front of the building
  5. Plenty of over flow parking is available (1,200 at the Civic & Conference Center, open parking at the Rodeo Arena and in the rear of the building)
  6. 20 RV connections are available
  7. Facility is ADA compliant
  8. The Special Events Center has concrete flooring
  9. There is heat in the Special Events Center, but it is not air conditioned
  10. Limited electrical service is available, with higher amperage for concerts, cooking, phones, extra lighting, etc. available upon special request in advance
  11. Alcohol can be served by KCCC
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