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Policies & Procedures

Killeen Civic & Conference Center Complex Policies & Procedures

Events booked at the Killeen Civic and Conference Center Complex must comply with all city, County, State, and Federal laws.

No animals other than assistance animals are allowed without authorization from the Director.

Automobiles will not be permitted inside of the building unless written authorization has been given. In the event any automobile is for display, all fire regulations pertaining to exhibits must be strictly followed, to include having key locking gas caps, battery disconnected and no more than 5 gallons of gas in the tank.

Please see fees and charges schedules. Local, (Killeen /Fort Hood) non-profit organizations (qualifying under the Arts Commission guidelines) may receive a discount off the daily room rental ONLY. The discount applies to Monday thru Thursday only. Any other discounts are based on official verification of hotel/motel room usage as determined by the Director. Additional fees for holidays and/or observed days or late night hours may be assessed. Any Request to waive fees must be submitted in writing to the City Manager.

All reservations must be made during office hours (8:00 am – 5:00 pm) by an individual of legal voting age who will be held responsible.

Reservations are on a first- come, first- served basis and must be made in person by written contract. All charges (security, deposit, and overtime) based on the current fee schedule must be paid in full prior to rental.

Additional time for preparation purposes (decorating, rehearsals, etc.) are subject to ½ the normal rental rate-only during normal working hours. Additional charges may be applied for longer periods.

All events are considered tentative until a contract is issued and rental rate is paid. Multi-day events may take precedence over single day events. Commercial and local one-time events may be booked up to one year in advance of the current year. Local tenured (events that occur annually on the same general day, hosted by Fort Hood or Killeen citizens) & multi-day events are scheduled up to two years in advance, and conventions may be booked as far out as required.

Labor fees may be charged for loading or unloading, decorating, or extensive set-up and use of heavy equipment. Please call for quotes.

A rental deposit of ½ of room rental fee and a signed lease agreement is required to reserve dates. The deposit is non-refundable. However, should Lessee need to re-schedule a reserved date, the deposit may be applied up to 60 days from the original event date, at the discretion of the Director. Security fees, clean-up deposits and overtime charges are refundable where applicable, at the discretion of the Director. Security fees, clean-up deposits and overtime charges are refundable where applicable, at the discretion of the director.

The Center Director reserves the rights to book more than one event in the building at a time. All consideration will be given to avoid conflicts due to noise or traffic concerns. The lessee may elect to rent the entire facility to avoid sharing the facility. The Director may deny rental/booking of any Civic Center Complex facilities if, in his/her judgement, a booking conflict appears imminent. A thirty (30) day protection Period between similar events will be exercised at the discretion of the Director.

Materials cannot be nailed or driven into any portion of the Killeen Civic & Conference Center, nor cause or permit any changes, alterations, repairs, painting or staining. In addition, tape and other adhesive materials will not be applied to walls or other surfaces without prior approval by the Director. All decorative materials must be flame proof or otherwise enclosed in fish bowl, hurricane glass cover, etc. No fire exits, exit signs or air system inlets or outlets may be blocked at any time. No building dis-figuration (nails, tacks, staples, paint, etc.) is allowed. Prohibited materials include: straw, hay, glitter, confetti, rice, sequins, artificial snow red rose petals, silly string, fog machines, misting machines and vapor machines. Balloons cannot be filled with any of the above items. Throwing rice, birdseed, confetti and rose petals is prohibited anywhere in the Killeen Civic and Conference Center and is restricted to the parking lot and street areas only.

All events are subject to posted City of Killeen occupancy figures. The Director reserves the right to determine the need for police and/or fire security at an event and if needed, will shut down the event. Lessee will be responsible for security expenses. All exit doors must remain unlocked during all event hours. No fire lanes will be blocked at any time. A 10’ clearance on both sides of exit doors (egress and ingress) with no physical obstruction must be maintained at all times.

No vehicles are permitted on the walkways or terrace areas. Loading and unloading must be from the dock or parking lot areas. Vehicles left unattended in fire lanes or loading areas will be towed at owner’s expense. Please lock your vehicles after parking. The Center is not responsible for damage or loss of possessions. Some events may be subject to additional security as determined by the Director.

Security will be required for the following events:

  • Events where alcohol is served.
  • Events considered “high risk” or have a history of guests with behavioral conflicts.
  • Events honoring a minor.

All security used in the facility will be arranged through the Lessee at Lessee’s expense. Officers must be certified, bonded security officers in uniform during scheduled times of event. Any non-alcoholic event honoring a minor must have one (1) officer per 50 guests. Events with alcohol will require one (1) officer per 300 participants. Events that are considered “high risk” or have a history of guest behavioral conflicts will require a minimum of two (2) officers.

Specific security requirements will be at the discretion of the Director and may be waived or modified by the Director.

The officer(s) must be contracted to work from beginning of the event (time guests arrive) until the contracted end of the event.

Alcohol sale and/or consumption are regulated by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC). In compliance with said regulations all sales and/or purchases of alcoholic beverages must be contracted through a licensed permit holder. The Killeen Civic & Conference Center has a contract with a vendor, to furnish alcoholic beverage service to customers of the Killeen Civic & Conference Center. Lessee must notify the facility if alcohol beverages will be consumed on the premises during lessee’s use of the facility prior to signing the contract. Additional security may be required for events with alcohol. Alcoholic beverages may only be served until 11:59 p.m. and all consumption of alcoholic beverages must stop before 12:15 a.m. TABC permit #N 513745. In addition, licensed TABC facilities do not allow alcohol to be brought in or taken out of the facility.

Lessee can bring food items into the Killeen Civic & Conference Center that have been prepared off site. This includes bottled water, soda, juice, coffee and tea. No red liquids of any kind are allowed in the facility unless it is used as part of a ceremony or reflects history of an organization. Approval of red liquids will be determined by the Director. Lessee is responsible for securing and furnishing all items necessary for food service to include set up and clean up of each event function. These items shall include but are not limited to table linens, china, beverage wares, silverware and self contained heating trays using sterno heating elements, no crock pots and/or microwaves are permitted. The Killeen Civic & Conference Center will not furnish any catering supplies or provide staff for clean up.

Lessee will be required to bus all tables and clean food service areas. Lessee will be responsible for any damages to furniture, equipment and facility. All food related items and linens must be removed from all tables no later than 12:30 a.m. Trash receptacles will be provided for Lessee’s use in clean up. The Killeen Civic & Conference Center will not be held liable in the event that guests become ill from consuming food that has been prepared off site. A $1.00 per person fee will be charged, based on the number of chairs set inside room or number of people in attendance as must be paid no later than five (5) business days prior to the scheduled event date. Ballrooms A,B,and C will be charged a fifty percent (50%) catering fee based on half of total guests in attendance. Additional catering information will be discussed at time of signing a contract.

All electrical equipment must be U.L. approved. Accessibility to equipment rooms and utility boxes are prohibited without authorization from a facility official. Electrical service for events will be rented, supplied and serviced from the Killeen Civic and Conference Center. (See attached rate sheet, special electrical requests, such as phone line(s).

Proof of liability insurance listing the City of Killeen as an additional insured must be presented to the Director and must meet all city requirements five (5) days prior to event date. If not received five (5) days prior to event date, event is subject to cancellation at the discretion of the Director, with no refund on the deposit. Any special use permits are the responsibility of the lessee. A copy of the permit must be supplied when the Lease agreement is signed.

All ASCAP fees are the responsibility of the lessee.

It shall be the responsibility of the lessee to submit to the Killeen Civic and Conference Center a list of the service contractors the lessee intends on using no later than 30 days prior to the first move-in day. All contractors must be properly licensed, permitted and insured before they can enter the center.

By City ordinance, the Killeen Civic and Conference Center is a non-smoking facility. Please use the designated outdoor areas and receptacles.Any products or preparations containing tobacco or imitating a tobacco containing product including cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco, snuff, electronic cigarettes, and smokeless tobacco are not permitted inside a city owned facility.

Ticket sales are the responsibility of the customer. Customer may elect to rent the ticket booth and phone lines for tickets sales during normal business hours or otherwise agreed upon. Staffing is the responsibility of the customer.

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