Killeen Civic Center

They say everything is bigger in Texas. You can definitely apply that thought to the massive array of conference centers that can be found throughout the state. However, at the same time, it’s worth noting that when it comes to conference centers, Texas isn’t just about having the biggest ones. While you can certainly find massive facilities for monstrous events, you can also find smaller spaces that work nicely with smaller, more intimate events.

Texas can present you with a range of possibilities, no matter what you are ultimately trying to accomplish.

Three Texas Conference Centers Worth Checking Out

Creating a list of every single conference center in Texas would very nearly take forever. However, if you want to have a sense of what you can find throughout the Lone Star State, then keep the following 3 Texas conference centers in mind:

  1. Hilton DFW Lakes Executive Conference Center: This is a great example of hotels that host truly breathtaking conference centers at the same time. This particular space might be ideal for a smaller event, but this specific Hilton branch can still host a great many people. This can be a great conference center for those who want to mix in a little work with their pleasure. Sixty-three thousand square feet ensures a variety of rooms and spaces for a variety of events.
  2. Texas 4-H Conference Center: Compare this conference center to the one that was chosen above, and you’re not going to be able to believe just how different these spaces are from one another. This fact should serve to give you a clear idea of just how varying this state can be. This Central Texas destination offers massive facilities for company retreatments, corporate meetings, conferences, reunions, camps, and much more. Overlooking the breathtaking Lake Brownwood, the Texas 4-H Conference Center offers a large, unique conference center space.
  3. Killeen Civic & Conference Center: The Killeen Civic & Conference Center offers more than sixty-four thousand square feet of conference space. What this means is that no matter what you might have in mind for your event, this facility can accommodate you nicely. Not only does this large, decidedly modern conference center offer everything you could ever need to have the best event imaginable, but you’re also going to be highly impressed with the surrounding area, which offers a plethora of local attractions.

These are just three of the conference centers that can be found in the state of Texas.