Killeen Civic Center

A conference center and special events center are both venues for a plethora of events. However, the two nomenclatures don’t mean the same thing. A conference center is worlds apart from a special events center if you look at the various fundamental differences. At the outset, the two may seem synonymous and thus interchangeable.

The very first distinction is the nature of events that you can host at both places. In a given scenario, you have the liberty to host a particular event at either of the two types of venues. However, they are not meant for all kinds of events.

• A conference center is primarily meant for business events. It could be an annual general meeting, a trade show, a seminar, a business convention or anything that is related to businesses. It could be an expo, multiparty business meet and it could just be a weekly congregation of the entire workforce of a company. A conference center has conference rooms, audiovisual equipment that would facilitate presentations, the furniture would be business friendly and every amenity you would need for a business meet will be readily available. You wouldn’t have to worry about any facility as the conference center is like your own conference room or workplace exponentially increased and better provisioned.

• A special events center, as the name applies, is for specific types of events. Now, there is nothing that defines what is special or specific but the fact that whatever you need the center for, it would be exactly that. You could host weddings, anniversary parties, bridal showers, birthday parties, social or cultural events and any type of event that would require a jovial setting and all desired amenities. A special events center doesn’t look as sophisticated as a conference center because it is all customizable. You can set up your own pergolas or anything that you want. You can get any type of service or amenity at the special events center, which would be basically rentals facilitated by the venue. Unlike a conference center, you wouldn’t get many provisions for business or for specific parties. The special events center will have vendors and a plethora of rental companies that would meet these requisites.

The size of a conference center or special events center can vary largely, so can the provisions and the ambience. You must tour a particular conference center and special events center, compare the pros and cons in the given context and then decide which one would be more suitable for you. A special events center being used for business events is not unheard of, or vice versa.