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Many couples have their eyes set on a particular month or time of the year. Many of these couples also have a wish to get married on a certain date. It is absolutely natural to have an exact wedding date in mind. You may want to commemorate a particular memory, you might have a preference for a date or a certain number may be lucky for you. It doesn’t have to be numerology for everyone. It can just be a wish. But whoever you are, wherever you are and whatever is your wish list for your wedding, you would need to comply with what nature has in store for you and to an extent what the wedding industry has to offer.

Let us embrace the reality. You cannot get married on any day of any month in the year. There are peak and off peak seasons so that will influence your decision. The weather is perhaps the biggest influencer. Some couples love the mercury to dip while many wanting an outdoor wedding don’t want it to be too cold or too hot. Rain is an issue, the weather and the very setting you get married at will have a degree of influence as well. Also, if you are looking for a certain dish or menu then you have to ensure that the ingredients are easily available. If you want an off season fruit or any seafood that is not readily available at the time of the year, then you are going to shell out big bucks.

If you live in Central Texas or are getting married in Killeen, then here are the best times of the year to get married.

• A spring wedding will be ideally from February through April. March and April are the most popular months due to the wonderful spring ambience and thus these two months are also the peak period for the first half of the year. Any time after April or from May would be uncomfortable because of the heat. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, then don’t look at any time beyond April.

• Fall weddings are very popular in Central Texas, especially in Killeen. The ideal time to get married would be September and October. The prices may be high during this time so you can very well move to a date in November. The ambience would be similar but you would be able to avoid the temperature dips in December and January.

There is no dearth of venues and vendors in Killeen to make your wedding a grand event so you can work out the budget with smart negotiations and get married at one of the ideal times of the year without spending a fortune.