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What is the Difference Between a Conference Center and a Special Events Center?

There are many types of buildings that you can hold events in. The type of event that you are hosting normally dictates the type of venue that you choose. The two most popular options are often conference centers and special events centers. Even though both are similar, they are not one in the same. This means that when you are deciding on the best place to host an event, you need to decide what meets you needs better between a conference center and a special events center. It is time that you learned about what the biggest differences are between the two options.

Here are a few of the most notable differences between a conference center and a special events center:

Conference Rooms

The main function of a conference center is to host meetings and events that are often related to business. It is the best type of venue for events that require the use of equipment for a power point presentation. It is possible to host events that are both large in small, but most of the events held in conference centers are business oriented in some way. This is not normally the case with special event centers. Special event centers are designed for parties or events. This means that birthdays, baby showers and bridal parties are just a few of the events that are traditionally held at special events centers. It should just be noted that conference centers are designed to offer more of a professional feel and are ideal for meetings related to business in some way.


The types of services that are provided by the centers can also range. This means that the services offered at a conference center are typically not one in the same as the services offered by a special events center. Most conference centers offer gourmet catering services, while special events centers typically have rental equipment that you can rent and will connect you with a third party catering service. It all depends on the type of special events center that you choose when you are booking an event.

Before you decide on the exact venue where you want to host your next event, it would be a good idea to tour the local conference center and special events center to determine what will be the better option for you.