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Should You Create an App for Your Conference?

So you’ve organized a weeklong conference and you’ve exhausted every effort to see it turn into a big success. You’ve chosen the best speakers, a top-of-the-line caterer, and even a snazzy hotel to serve as your location. What else could you have missed out on?

If you’re still thinking about ways to bump up your conference game, then a conference app would be the way to go. Conference apps offer lots of information to attendees, from maps, to schedules, to speaker information and many more. Find out why we believe you should consider having a conference app made just for your event:

Draw attention where it matters

Help your attendees find out where they want to go. A conference app helps users navigate hallways and locations in a conference so you don’t get those confused attendees. Your app could also give your guests schedules for speakers so they can plan their visits ahead of time.

Spread the word

Conference apps can help you get the word out about your event by giving users the option to share their experiences on countless social media platform. This ensures that you draw more attention and reel in more attendees.

Keep the crowd informed

Conference apps allow you to make inevitable adjustments without causing confusion in your attendees. Notifications will allow your guests to find out if there have been any changes in schedule so they’re always in the know.

Exhibitors benefit, too

Your conference app will give not only guests an easier time navigating your event, it also allows exhibitors a better way to connect with your attendees to expand their relations. Conference apps often offer lots of features that allow exhibitors to share special content with your attendees. It’s a win-win situation.

If you’re still wondering “Should I get a conference app made for my event?”, the answer is simple. Definitely YES.

It’s likely that every person that walks into your event will have a smart phone or tablet in their clutches; that’s just the way the world works these days. We’ve entered the era of technology and constant connection, so let’s not let that go to waste. Creating a mobile app for your conference could reap great rewards for everyone involved. It’s definitely a practical way to make your event a trouble-free experience for your attendees. The next time you’re hosting a conference, consider getting a conference app and discover the rewards of getting with the times.