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How to Use Video at Your Seminar

Giving a seminar can be a very overwhelming experience. You are the one front and center offering information, which can be a bit scary for most. Public speaking is always something that requires preparation. You need to plan out your topic and hone your speech, but your seminar can be enhanced with the use of video. Adding video can be a great way to compliment your thoughts and to add to your presentation.

Here are a few things to consider when using video at your seminar:


When you are going to add video to your seminar, it is important to consider not only the topic, but also your audience. You need to decide what kind of video will appeal to your target audience and how that video relates to your topic. The video that you choose to show needs to be directly connected to the topic of the seminar. Otherwise, the video has no place and will be misunderstood by the audience. When you are making an outline of your speaking points, you need to determine when the best place to show the video will be. It is important that the placement of the video makes sense and transitions perfectly with your entire presentation.

How Long is the Video?

When you are using a video as a part of your seminar, it is important that you consider time. You want a video that supports the message that you are trying to get across, but you do not want it to be the focal point of the seminar. It should simply support the topic and should only take up a small portion of the time that you are given. This means that you should not choose a video that is long in length. This will only bore those attending the seminar and is not what people are looking to see. A video can be a great aid for your topic, but it should not be the highlight.


If you are going to show a video at your seminar, it is important that you choose a conference center that offers audio and visual amenities on site. This is essential when you want to have a professional presentation. You need to be sure that all in attendance can clearly see and hear the video that is being shown. Using video can be an effective tool if you use it in the right way.