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The hidden costs of putting together a conference or seminar

When planning a conference or seminar you need to understand the costs that will be included and look out for hidden costs. To avoid hidden costs keep these things in mind:


When your group is having a good time, which you want them to they will probably stay longer at the event. This means you will have to pay for some overtime. If you think this might be the case negotiate with the site to include a longer time for your guests to enjoy themselves.

Staff Tipping:

Make sure you consider tipping in your expenses. This cost will be added to your final bill and can make a considerable impact on your expenses.


If you are hiring a band or personality you need to find out what is included in their contract. Usually traveling, hospitality, and technical riders are excluded.

Conference Center:

At the site you will need to factor any AV equipment you may need such as; projectors, microphones, and any other equipment. You will also need to talk about food that will be served. You should offer coffee, tea, fruit, and pastries in the morning. Lunch is usually included in the price of the conference. When planning the lunch take into consideration the set up of the room. Do you want to provide a buffet for a quicker lunch or should a plate meal be better. If you decide on a plated meal you will need to add servers to your budget. You will also need to offer an afternoon snack with beverages and water.

Advertising and Registration:

Your expenses will include advertising such as brochure planning and printing, mailing costs. You will need help for advanced enrollment and enrollment at the seminar. You would also need to provide take home materials for the guests and something you will need to have something for them to put the take home materials in.


Make sure you contact speakers early so you can get exactly who you want. Many speakers are willing to give a presentation if you can cover travel expenses. If your speaker has products to sell, be sure to have a space for them. Ask for a photo and a bio to use in your correspondence.

When you are planning an event just be sure you have covered everything. Make lists and remember to think about all costs.