Killeen Civic Center

by Monique Brand

There are many details to consider when planning an engagement party. The date, guest list, venue, invitations and menu are all key aspects of any engagement party…. well no fear  “THE PR LADY” is here to give you tips on how to have one awesome and memorable engagement party.

We here at the KCCC provide 53,000 square foot Exhibition Hall, a kitchen, and other amenities. So just cross off the venue on your checklist.

Other things to consider in your engagement party planning include the food, entertainment, and favors. The food is somewhat dependent on your venue. Entertainment can be kept pretty simple. Background music is really all you need, however this can also vary based on the venue. And favors are optional. They’re a nice touch. Do something simple like wrap candies or homemade cookies in cellophane and tie with the wedding colors.

But just remember the staff here at KCCC are here to help with the menu to the lighting. Call now and ask for a preview and quotes!