Killeen Civic Center

Finding a Place for a Seminar in Killeen

By Monique Brand

When it comes to finding your workshop or seminar room, it is easy to look at the hotels in your town, get some proposals from them and pick one of them as your seminar venue of choice.

This may be the best option for you, or maybe not…

Before you start checking the hotels, think of your event.  If you are targeting the local market and you won’t have many people coming in from out of town who need a hotel room, you have many more choices that may work better for your workshop or seminar.

You have the chance to put your stamp and your personality into your event and a unique venue can help you do that.

For instance my PR Firm co-owner Lindsay Thomas really is into unique locations, such as this location called the Engine House in London where our client, a small technology company was doing a seminar for their new employees.

Sure, its unique but at KCCC, any idea is not a bad idea.

With a seminar room which the staff can create that is out of the ordinary, you differentiate your event from all others

To get you started in the right direction, Contact the staff at KCCC at (254) 501-3888.